About Us

Inspired by the Coast!™

Who am I?

Hi!  I’m Stacie, the founder and owner of Coast Candle Studio in Charleston, SC.  After twenty years in the legal profession as a paralegal, I turned a passion project into a business in 2020.  Inspired from a love for travel and coastal living, Coast Candle Studio was born!

What does Coast Candle Studio produce?

Our creative focus is on handmade candles, tins and melts spotlighting great coastal cities and coastal living featured in our Southeast Series, Northeast Series and Coastal Living Series. Our sustainable and eco-friendly wooden wicks produce a unique tear drop flame that create a wonderful visual aesthetic and modern appeal.

As someone who loves to travel, I’m often drawn to coastal destinations for many reasons. The salty water, warm sun, soft sand, interesting landscapes, seaside wildlife and, of course, the amazing food! For many of us, travel is an essential part of our lives where we can disconnect from daily life, reconnect with love ones and find adventure. 

The Mission….

The mission is to create products that capture the spirit of coastal locales, that connects with customers in a way that only travel can do and, hopefully, transport customers back to a favorite coastal trip with great memories.

What’s in our candles?

  • All natural soy-blend wax, containing no dyes or additives for a clean burning product
  • Wooden wicks that are sustainable, eco-friendly and manufactured and sourced in the USA
  • All fragrance oils used are phthalate-free, vegan free, cruelty free and sourced from only the most reputable suppliers in the USA

 Thanks for visiting and I hope you'll be inspired to try our products!